May 11, 2016

Always Anastacia

Full cover WIPMy first book, “Always Anastacia: A Transgender Life in South Africa”, published by Jonathan Ball Publishers, is a compelling memoir that details some of the defining moments in my life, through the lens of my own transition. It’s a candid and honest look into the life of a South African trans woman, and the unique challenges and struggles she faces in claiming her own identity, and living her truth in an often unforgiving world.

Available at bookstores through South Africa, and as an eBook in May 2016, “Always Anastacia”  is a moving account that calls for a more nuanced understanding of trans people, and the concepts of sex, gender and identity.

You can also pick up #AlwaysAnastacia worldwide through Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.






Book tours take place in Johannesburg from 23-26 May, with a launch event at Love Books Melville on 31 May, and in Cape Town from 1-3 June, with a launch event at the Book Lounge on 1 June.



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