Happy straight-romance day

So I know that Valentine’s Day is a corporate, capitalist, money-making scam that seeks to exploit our vulnerabilities and weaknesses for commercial gain. I think by now that we all – or at least most of us – do. But, nonetheless, the phenomenon remains a significant entity within most of Western culture. I mean you Read more about Happy straight-romance day[…]

Things I learned in 2016

The holiday season is upon us, and I know just how difficult that can be for so many, especially those in the queer community. And I think that this year is perhaps especially difficult, given the nature of some of the events that have taken place in 2016. For many of us, end-of-year reflection and Read more about Things I learned in 2016[…]

Ace is the loneliest number

So it’s Asexual Awareness Week this week – which means it’s probably fitting that I spend a bit of time musing on the whole ace thing. I fly the queer flag loudly and proudly, as I’m sure you know by now, and I claim a good few letters from the ol’ LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup in Read more about Ace is the loneliest number[…]

Core of conflict

Some days I can’t help but wonder, “Does it ever get any simpler?” Not all days. But some of them. The struggle is something that’s difficult to properly articulate – I suppose that’s always the case when you’re dealing with mixed feelings and not unequivocal ones, shades of gray rather than black or white, spectra Read more about Core of conflict[…]

Degree by degree

I waited a long time for an accurate identity document. 50 weeks, to be exact. I spoke about that entire ordeal in detail a few weeks back (and there’s also a rather poignant chapter on the intimidating process of applying for gender marker amendment at the Department of Home Affairs in my book, Always Anastacia). Read more about Degree by degree[…]

A Letter to Myself

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. If you look around the internet, you will find a good few people who write and share letters to their younger¬†selves. And a lot of these leave me in tears. The pieces are often reflective, emotive, deeply intimate, and with a unique vulnerability to Read more about A Letter to Myself[…]

2015 – My Year in Review, Part 2

Continued from Part One July 2015 The first day of the rest of my life. I can’t quite believe it, it’s surreal. Not to have to wear the mask anymore, it… leaves me speechless. And also in tears. I cry, a lot. Making up for lost time when I never used to let myself. I Read more about 2015 – My Year in Review, Part 2[…]