Skinny dipping in mid-Winter. Or, “How and why I had to ditch my Hebrew deadname”

So I’ve been in the media a bunch recently, mostly talking about my book, Always Anastacia (which I’m told is awesome, and that you should read it – being totally impartial here, of course). I find that, in many of the interviews I do, I find myself faced with the same questions. Some, of course,[…]

IDAHOT, and my life in words

So the 17th of May is the International Day Against Homphobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOT). You can read more about it here if you like. The theme for this year’s IDAHOT is “Mental Health and well-being”. To be honest, I don’t know where to start. I’ve spoken recently about my own well-being in terms of mental[…]

P is for Privilege. And Passing. And Peeing.

This just in – the world still hates trans people. Since it’s become less and less socially acceptable to beat on the gays and lesbians (not to suggest that doesn’t still happen, because it does), right-wing bigots have needed to find somewhere else to direct their hatred and toxicity, and the target is trans people. By[…]

Ace up my sleeve – Asexuality 101

So if you follow my antics, either here on my blog, or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or wherever else I might appear from time to time, then you already know a few things about me. I’m kind of a complicated girl, and I have a lot of different facets to my identity. I’m binary trans.[…]

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Trans

This isn’t a pleasant post to write, but it’s one that I really do need to. I often talk about the struggles of being trans – the internal dialogues and conflicts, the difficult decisions, the hoops that need to be jumped through. There’s a lot of soul-searching, and introspection that accompanies the process of transition.[…]

Why Trans Isn’t Lesser, Part 1. Or, “How Being Trans Made Me a Better Person”

It’s not easy to be trans. It really, really isn’t. There’s a whole bunch of stuff you have to think about that the average cis person never even needs to consider. And transitioning? That’s pretty darn hardcore, let me tell you. Definitely not something to be taken lightly. So, that means, that for the average[…]