April 19, 2018

Civil Union Amendment Act


CLICK HERE to submit your comment on the Civil Union Amendment Bill to the Parliament Committee Secretary

Deadline for submissions 16h00 SAST October 23, 2018.

16/10/2018: Following the Parliamentary Committee Meeting (15 August 2018) – and thank you to everyone who previously submitted shows of approval before this meeting – the bill to reconsider Section 6 of the Civil Union Amendment Act has been opened for public comment. The links on this page have been updated to allow you to submit your comment quickly and easily to Mr Eddy Mathonsi, Parliament Committee Secretary.
Here’s a blog post with more information.

Make your voice heard, and show your support for marriage equality in South Africa.

As you may or may not know, at present, civil service marriage officers may refuse to solemnise civil unions of same-sex couples; this is the only instance where a marriage officer is entitled to refuse to solemnise a union. Clearly, this is discriminatory, and in frank violation of section 9(3) of our prized Constitution.

To submit your comment of support on the amendment – which would address this inequality – click here, and then click “send”.

For more background on this issue and further reference, see these links, or read the full text of the amendment.