A blog by any other name

According to WordPress, I’m supposed to start this off with “Hello World”.

Though I wonder sometimes if the world is actually listening.

I’ve toyed for a while with the idea of maintaining a blog. I tried initially to dissuade or to distract myself by writing a book, but that has proven to be just a temporary reprieve.

I have a pet peeve in this world I have many pet peeves in this world, but one of them is unfinished projects.

Blog dog

So my biggest fear was always that I’d launch into this blogging business with unbridled gusto, and then watch it all sort of fizzle out as life gets in the way (which it invariably does). I know better than to make promises I can’t keep, but I’ve decided not to publish any posts until I have a stash of them saved up.

One of the things that I’m still coming to terms with, as part of the process of getting to know myself (and I mean, of course, getting to know the real me) is how much I have to say. And how, for the first time, I actually feel like it’s all worth saying. And how, for the first time also, I actually feel like people might want to hear it.

I wonder now if I’ll ever shut up. I suppose that’s more your problem than it is mine, though.

2 thoughts on “A blog by any other name

  • Hello Anastacia, pleased to meet you. A friend whispered your name to me and I decided to look you up. Okay no, she didn’t whisper your name, more like outright mentioned, and also mentioned your book. I’m looking forward to reading it, but I will begin by reading your blog instead. Starting here in the past 😀

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