Remembrance, fear, and uncertainty

These past few weeks have been emotional for many of us. And I think for queer, and trans people, in particular. The outcome of the election in the United States, the terrifying spike in hate speech and hate crimes that it has precipitated, the how-can-it-even-be-real rise of the “alt-right”… and, just a few days ago, Read more about Remembrance, fear, and uncertainty[…]

On the importance of hashtags

You might not have noticed this about me, but I am a millennial. There’s no point even trying to deny it. If I don’t have a selfie, I wasn’t there. A cup of coffee doesn’t exist unless it’s on Instagram. If it doesn’t have a hashtag, it isn’t important, and if you decided to call Read more about On the importance of hashtags[…]

Ace is the loneliest number

So it’s Asexual Awareness Week this week – which means it’s probably fitting that I spend a bit of time musing on the whole ace thing. I fly the queer flag loudly and proudly, as I’m sure you know by now, and I claim a good few letters from the ol’ LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup in Read more about Ace is the loneliest number[…]

Lost time

People often ask me, “When did you transition?” It’s a question I don’t especially like to answer, because the notion that transition is a quantifiable concept is something that troubles me. Because once we start assigning a start point to transition, the next logical step is to assign it an end point, too. And once you Read more about Lost time[…]

Queer Jew litany

I suppose I’m overdue for a long discussion on matters religious, especially considering how the Jewish high holy days are upon us. It’s a subject I’ve been avoiding, because oftentimes my own internal dialogue around these matters is far from clear – but, I think that over the past few weeks, I have managed to Read more about Queer Jew litany[…]

On the merits of stealth

It wasn’t easy to choose what to write about this week. As you may or may not know, the season of Jewish high holy days has begun – in fact, the celebration of the Jewish New Year ends shortly after this post is scheduled to go live. This, historically, has always been a reflective and Read more about On the merits of stealth[…]

No, I’m not going back to clinical practice, thank you for asking

I could probably end the post right here, because the title says it all. But that’d be a bit of a cop-out, I suppose. Anyway, I’ve always been one for doing things “the hard way”, so I’ll proceed now to bore you with all of the painful details. Why this post, and why now? Because Read more about No, I’m not going back to clinical practice, thank you for asking[…]

Core of conflict

Some days I can’t help but wonder, “Does it ever get any simpler?” Not all days. But some of them. The struggle is something that’s difficult to properly articulate – I suppose that’s always the case when you’re dealing with mixed feelings and not unequivocal ones, shades of gray rather than black or white, spectra Read more about Core of conflict[…]