Degree by degree

I waited a long time for an accurate identity document. 50 weeks, to be exact. I spoke about that entire ordeal in detail a few weeks back (and there’s also a rather poignant chapter on the intimidating process of applying for gender marker amendment at the Department of Home Affairs in my book, Always Anastacia). Read more about Degree by degree[…]

Not how I woke up, but it’s how I look now

I spoke a little bit recently about how seeing my trans siblings taking ownership of their insecurities really empowered me to take hold of my own. Of course, that isn’t to say that I’m completely over my hang-ups. If you’re trans… well, I wonder if that’s even possible. I hope that it is, of course, but Read more about Not how I woke up, but it’s how I look now[…]

Hanging up some of my hang-ups

And another week has passed, for the stranger in a strange land. Life has been busy, chaotic, and taxing. But I survive, as I always do, one day at a time. There has been a lot of stress and anxiety – and that’s the sort of thing that scares me, because my dysphoria has been Read more about Hanging up some of my hang-ups[…]

Queer and self-loathing in Columbus

So, I’m in Columbus, Ohio. On something called the Mandela Washington Fellowship. There’s a good chance you knew this already, if you keep up with all my antics. I started this trip off on a good note – with an amazingly awesome Pride parade that made me feel quite at home. Well, as much as it Read more about Queer and self-loathing in Columbus[…]

Pride and prejudice

I have about a billion things to blog about – which is the sort of problem every blogger (bloggist? blogstress?) dreams of – because life has been quite chaotic of late. But… let me not get ahead of myself. One topic at a time. And you’ll just have to patiently wait for the rest. I’ll Read more about Pride and prejudice[…]

Skinny dipping in mid-Winter. Or, “How and why I had to ditch my Hebrew deadname”

So I’ve been in the media a bunch recently, mostly talking about my book, Always Anastacia (which I’m told is awesome, and that you should read it – being totally impartial here, of course). I find that, in many of the interviews I do, I find myself faced with the same questions. Some, of course, Read more about Skinny dipping in mid-Winter. Or, “How and why I had to ditch my Hebrew deadname”[…]

Musings before (and after) a launch

So, I wrote the majority of this blog post last week, just before the first of my launches. I thought better of posting it ahead of the event, but I’ll post it now so you can get an idea of what was running through my head just before this happened. And, of course, I’ll reflect Read more about Musings before (and after) a launch[…]

Giving thanks

“Whirlwind” is a good term for the past couple of weeks. And the next few, if my instincts are to be trusted. Maybe you heard by now? My book, #AlwaysAnastacia, is available. You can get it in book stores if you’re in South Africa (or Namibia, apparently!). If you don’t, you needn’t despair – you Read more about Giving thanks[…]